Uncover the World of Antichrist

Since thousands of years people have been intrigued by the whole kingdom of antichrist. Many believe there is a world outside Christ led by the devil or the Lucifer along with his disciples gog and magog. There are many who advocate the beliefs of this dark world. And there are others who do not believe of a world without Christ. With the latest buzz of the world going to end in 2012 which is a result of the evil powers, more and more people are curious to learn this unspoken or less talked about subject. There are many eminent scholars and practitioners who have spend decades learning not only Christianity but also various other Asian and Foreign cultures and religions.

Numerous scholars have attempted to explain the phenomenon of the end time through their writing based on years of experience and observation. Some well known scholars who prefer to be anonymous have tried to explain the concept of apocalypse that is relied on study of comparative-religions. Having spend over more than two decades of their life in a quasi-monastic existence some of these antichrist advocates have got an opportunity to learn more about various religion by getting in touch with the Rabbinic Jews, Native Americans, Christian heretics, Muslims, Hindus, Atheists, Evolutionists and many more. Through their research, these scholars have managed to elucidate a completely new end time paradigm.

Their work is a revelation of the underlying meaning of the bible prophecy about the end of the world. It also glorifies the significant role that Islam will have at the end of life on earth. Many would question what makes these writers believe in a world that is against the good i.e. the Christ. Well, one of the renowned researchers of the antichrist got inspiration to learn more about life, religion when he was on his death bed. Fighting for life and having a near death experience culminated in a life time study of the religion and the end of the world i.e. no existence of life on the planet earth.

Some of the renowned writers of the antichrist book prefer themselves to be called as the Apologist - a term that was called by the early Church. They believe they are either preachers or an Evangelist. Their work compilation is an outcome of various debates of varied sized groups. Based on the elaborate study of varied cultures and its people, their work is an authentic piece of all you want to learn and know about the world end, Antichrist and more.