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SARFT in part on the Prohibition of the form of outside broadcast Cartoon Emergency notification 2005 9 13 State Administration of Radio to the provinces autonomous regions and municipalities Broadcasting Television Authority Hall the Central TV station Issued by China Education Television quot Administration of Radio broadcast on the prohibition of foreign cartoons in part the form of emergency notification quot quot notice quot that at present at all levels especially around the children 39 s television channels and animated on the satellite channel efforts to expand domestic animation broadcast size and actively support the development of domestic animation industry animation production has made an unprecedented momentum However the recent opening of a number of television stations in some part or the animated feature animation information program the so called foreign cartoon introduced the grounds open air without the State Administration of Radio violations to review and obtain a permit outside the cartoon issue The uncensored guide for overseas animation errors poor style promote superstition Homicide Violence not only in violation of licensed cartoon issue the relevant provisions of the system disrupting the normal animation broadcast order but the young people physically and mentally Health Causing adverse effects This undesirable phenomenon we must take effective measures to resolutely correct To this end all levels of radio and television organizations in particular the children at all levels of television channels and animated satellite channel to do good on the following aspects 1 further enhance political awareness the overall situation awareness and sense of responsibility and actively implement the quot CPC Central Committee and State Council on further strengthening and improving ideological and moral construction of a number of opinions quot from the focus on national future and effective protection of minors high degree of physical and mental health do a good job of broadcast animation management for the healthy growth of minors to create a good cultural space 2 earnestly implement the introduction of the relevant provisions of broadcast programs outside All subject to the introduction of foreign cartoon review by the State Administration of Radio and received permits issued only after the issue of broadcast In each of the channels broadcast animation made with the introduction of animated cartoon broadcast no less than 6 4 that is the number of broadcast animation made less than 60 Resolutely put a stop without the State Administration of Radio broadcast review and issue permits without obtaining step outside the cartoon and animation irregularities Third to further establish and perfect the management mechanism of animation programs maintain a strict review of the relevant customs and broadcast not broadcast companies to buy foreign animation or animation uncensored complimentary no intermediary broadcast agencies outside the recommended uncensored cartoon IV of this notice is issued the levels of radio and television organizations to information part of the animation and animation special programs for self examination is such a part or the program broadcast to immediately stop or Rectification Five provincial radio and television monitor departments should monitor the situation as a cartoon broadcast monitor one of its key elements to achieve animation broadcast broadcast category broadcast time of dynamic regulation On violations of illegal or pirated broadcast animation and abroad out excess air broadcast behavior introduce animation to be informed promptly and severely punished rectification