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Proper Animal Capture Kits Reduce The Ill Effect To Capture Any Wild Or Domestic Animals   by Mortin

in Technology / Electronics    (submitted 2011-05-23)

We, human beings, are the best creature in the universe. But it does not mean we should not give chance other animal to live in this world. But, now human�s activities have made a real danger to the existence of other animals. It has not been in a single day. Decades after decades animals are facing challenges to live their way comfortably. Tigers are one of them. The animal has been mostly victimized by human civilization. Besides, snake, bird etc. are also common to be the endangered species. Poachers are illegally haunting these animals. But some philanthropic environmental activists, organizations and NGOs are doing work as safeguard to save this animal from extinct. Therefore, it is common that they have to interact with animals frequently or almost. It is necessary owing to certain causes like for their birth control, checking their health, providing treatment for any serious injury from hunters and other animals etc. We know that the interaction is not simple as meeting another person saying hi, hello, how are you etc. Animals always keep safe distance from human beings. Therefore, to catch them we have to take many tricks. Gunning down or injuring is not humanitarian way. An animal lover does not follow the process. Then there is felt the necessity of Animal Capture Equipment to trap them. Fully equipped technological tools can make the job easy to capture them not making harm and not being harmed by them.

In many TV programs like Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel we see that the animal experts use different type of Animal Capture Equipment to capture wild animals. Net gun, shooting net are very much common used by the experts. It does not make any injury to capture animal like birds, deers, rabbits and other small or medium size animals. The oil tragedy of the Gulf of Mexico made miserable for the marine animals and birds to survive. Then these types of equipments were very much in demand to give treatment of the affected species. The modern technology has pioneered the development process to be useful in a harmless way. The Net gun normally covers the animals in such a way so that they become unable to do any movement.

From a certain range of distance the net is fired from a launcher machine to grip the animal that they become unable to shake off the net or run away. The edge of the net is equipped with a series of steel grapples to fasten the animal and even to catch flying birds. It will save the time to chase for them. Normally usage of tranquillizer dart guns i.e. chemical weapon can cause serious injury in case of capturing. The method is followed for aggressive and big animals like tiger, rhino, leopard, elephant etc. But now there are many types of equipment available to trap animal without shedding blood. Different types of nets, hooks, and glue papers are used nowadays. Net guns are also very much effective to catch domestic animals like cats, dogs etc. It is our duty not to harm any animal while doing well for them. We should do it in careful manner using technological advanced kits.