One Final Warning

I have written many articles, and published many poems, on Ezine. The majority of what I have written deals with what is happening in the world, and what the Higher Powers have been trying to tell us.

Too many people scoff at anything they consider 'religious' or that does not agree with what their particular religion says. Too many people feel theirs is the only true religion and fear anyone who believes differently. Too many people let hatemongers direct their thoughts.

We have been warned, over and over again to change our ways. We were told to recognize the Seven Deadly Sins and omit them from our thought process. We were told the Seven Heavenly Virtues have come back to earth in human form to help the world. Barachael tried to warn us. Unfortunately, not too many people listened.

To every parent reading this, remember how you felt every time your child did something you knew was wrong. Remember the pain you felt when your child's actions caused you heartache. Remember how you finally said - tough love, enough is enough, the child caused the problem now has to live with the consequences.

Now think of The Lord. We are all His children. We have deliberately caused situations to occur, saying I am a victim, it is not my fault and taking no responsibility for our actions. Remember the pain you felt when your child erred. Now multiply that pain by millions of people and imagine how much pain The Lord feels. Now think of tough love. Enough is Enough. The Lord is not going to fix the world wide problems created by greed. We have allowed the problems to grow beyond control and have become so vast that they could be likened to a landslide.

The landslide can no longer be stopped. Start preparing for the disasters to come, because they are coming. The world, as we know it has ended. I am not saying everyone will die. What I am saying is get ready for the natural disasters, the food shortages, the unemployment, and the tent cities of people who no longer have a home. I hope the war I see will not happen. Gog and Magog against the wounded lion. Russia and Iran against the United States.