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Kung Fu Panda Hit the Soft Underbelly of Domestic Animation - Kung Fu Panda, Chinese Animation - Toy   by jekky

in News / Business News    (submitted 2010-11-09)

Monographs Panda seems at home by "real body" to demonstrate value, we have the panda and the panda diplomacy news, panda protection or exhibition, but did not panda to become a "culture", in particular market culture.

Americans moved their brains, put the panda to become a cultural, but also into the medal the Chinese cinema, brought the house down. When we applaud the effort for the pandas when Americans are celebrated for their box office receipts.

First time I saw the theme of the animation to the panda is 20 years ago, a famous Japanese director high? Fun and Hayao Miyazaki film of "Panda's story." Story photograph in innocent, I heard that the recent Japanese film will also replay this animation film in 1972.

Then later on the panda to the culture I was impressed by the Americans to do fashion Panda (with performance art, nature). This on the black and white panda, while the U.S. has used all kinds of artists dress for Chinese pandas, there are American flags camouflage clothing, whimsical sculptures of giant pandas to wear these clothes more naive, wit and again and again.

Now, the panda in the United States under the leadership of the director's trainer practicing the Chinese martial arts, Chinese people familiar with the "shoot the film to the world with Chinese characteristics", he was the Americans have learned, with Chinese characteristics, Chinese elements and Chinese martial arts fight into the Chinese market, they do? Made up a story, with all the Chinese elements, the quintessence of traditional Chinese culture by their ingenious plot into the animation into. Their additive, although some Reminders punch line, there is that they are good at computer animation special effects. One industry source said, the animation will play our young people, but directed the overall planning and investment than others, but nothing.