Israel Vs Iran Who Would Win a Middle East War Would God Save Israel Is This Gog and Magog

There is so much being said about the Iran and Israel conflict in the Middle East. Even Russia and other nations threaten the Israelis if they bomb Iran, in order to stop Iran from building their nuclear bombs that they plan to use on Israel.


Some people ask if a new war between Iran and Israel is what the Bible refers to as 'Gog and Magog'? Judging from Ezekiel 38 and 39, I would say no, but this is just my opinion.

Many say Israel is in a no-win situation. But then Israel has been in a no-win situation several times before - in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, and in 1982, plus smaller conflicts. But God often does the unexpected.


The war in 1967 has always been the most meaningful to me. This is the war everyone said Israel could not win. Surrounded by various enemies who moved in like a time-bomb, experts thought this would be the end of Israel. The nation would be totally destroyed.

But when the dust cleared - only six days later - Israel was triumphant. There was so much dust and smoke that no one knew what happened. But Israel's enemies were all defeated.


The big Yellowstone Fire was in 1988. It destroyed a big part of America's first national park. It was reported that the fire came under control when winds changed directions, even miraculously, and the Yellowstone Inn was saved, and much more of the park. Firefighters had failed in their efforts. A major U.S. newspaper ran a very bold headline: "God Did It!"

Many say that this is also what happen in Israel in 1967: God did it!


God favored Israel all through the Old Testament. Many say Israel is still 'God's people' today, and that he will protect them no matter what. I pray this is true. He's done so before, and I pray he does so again. But God also is known for doing the unexpected. Religious Israelis, and most Christians believe he will. He did so many times in the Old Testament, but not always.

Did Israel expect to be defeated and taken into captivity in 722 B.C., and 586 B.C., depending on which end of the nation you're talking about? The answer is NO! They expected God to keep his covenant with them, and he still did, but just not in the way they expected.

He protects them today, even after over 6 million of them were killed in WWII concentration camps. The 1948 Israeli war, at the end of WWII, established them as a nation once again. God kept his covenant, but he didn't do so until hundreds and hundreds of years later.


The fact is the reason God allowed the ancient Jews to be captured, and their nation destroyed, was because of their disobedience to him and his law. Let me ask: are they being obedient to him and his law today? The answer is no, except for the religious few.

Also, are most Christians obedient to God, and living the gospel truth Jesus came to give us for experiencing the abundant life he speaks of in John 10:10? Jesus' very first command was for us to repent of all other beliefs and to believe - and live the gospel (Mark 1:15). Sadly, the answer is also largely no. I write about this in many different ways.

Paul says we must be obedient to the gospel (Rom 10:16). Jesus says the gospel must be preached in the whole world before the end will come (Matt 24:14). Revelation 14:6 says the gospel is so important that even angels will preach it from heaven in the end times.

But most Christians today live more like Jews - living by the ancient Jewish law instead of the gospel of the finished work of Jesus. You can't live by both God's law and by his gospel at the same time. Jesus said, "Don't pour new wine into old bottles."