I Dont Wish I Was A Petting Zoo Animal

Domesticated animals it seems have clearly been duped by man's ingenuity. If I were a goat, chicken, or cow and knew my fate, I'd sure as heck die kicking and screaming. But that's not the way it is. Heifers even let us take the milk that should go to their calves every day from them without complaint, and ditto for all those mother hens and their eggs. Other domesticated animals are simply beasts of burden: they either pull things or we ride on them. In exchange they get a stable to sleep in and practically all the hay they can eat. Does that sound like a fair deal to you?

Petting farms as you well know are pretty much domesticated animals that are just naturally harmless and let themselves be touched and stroked by crowds of little children. Some of the kids might even scream or cry, but it doesn't bother the petting zoo animals. Popular animals include kid goats (older ones butt), sheep, baby pigs, llamas, and the exotic marmot occasionally (or at least guinea pigs). Some of these animals are just babies, and others just seem naturally incapable of defending themselves in any way.

But is this fair to the animals? Some animals can be easily traumatized by the sight of people, not to mention hundreds of little children touching them all day long. Sure, they get used to it, but one does not know what this does to the mental state of an animal. It's true some types of animals seem to like to be pet, but do we really know this, or is this just our way of making us feel better for putting animals in cages for our own amusement.

I'm sure some people look at it like its harmless fun for children, but crowded pens can lead to over crowding, dirty conditions and disease. These diseases could potentially be picked up by children who touch their mouths. Sure, parents make children wash their hands, but are they watching 100% of the time.