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Gog and Magog   by Adam El Masri

in Education / Science    (submitted 2010-04-19)

Their Identity...their Legend... and their Location:

Who are they: Gog and Magog are barbaric tribes from the progeny of Japheth (Yafith) son of Noah, They are mentioned in the Bible (Genesis, 10:2-4, Ezekiel 18:6, Ezekiel 37:28, Ezekiel 38:1-4, Ezekiel 38:15-23, Ezekiel 39:1, Rev 20:6-10 ) and in Quran they are mentioned on two occasions [(Quran 21:97) "But when Ya'jooj and Ma'jooj are let loose and they rush headlong down every hill". (Quran 18:98) "And when the promise of my Lord approaches, He will level it to dust"].

The Muslims Perspective of the Legend

"Then he continued his way until he came to the place where the sun riseth; and he found it to rise on certain people unto whom we had not given anything wherewith to shelter themselves there from. Thus it was; and we comprehended with our knowledge the forces that were with him. And he prosecuted his journey from south to north, until he came between the two mountains, beneath which he found certain people, who could scarce understand what was said. And they said: O Zul karnein, verily Gog and Magog waste the land; shall we therefore pay thee tribute, on condition that thou build a rampart between us and them? The power wherewith my Lord had strengthened me is better than your tribute; but assists me strenuously, and I will set a strong wall between you and them. Bring me iron in large pieces, until it fills up the space between the two sides of these mountains. And he said to the workmen, blow with your bellows, until it make the iron red hot as fire. And he said further, bring me molten brass that I may pour upon it. Wherefore, when this wall was finished, Gog and Magog could not scale it, neither could they dig through it. And Zul karnein said this is a mercy from my Lord: but when the prediction of my Lord shall come to be fulfilled, he shall reduce the wall to dust; and the prediction of my Lord is true." -- Quran, xviii

Their Legend: There is a rife and vivid legend rich in mythological events surrounding Gog and Magog; Their origin, their descent and their future atrocity upon mankind.

They are found in ancient writings of the Assyrians long before Judaism, Christianity and Islam and they can be traced back as early as 500 AD. One of such references is the preserved sermons and letters of St. Jerome and other early Christians.

Gog and Magog became the symbol of chaos, cruelty and abomination, in short, a wrath of God upon man and a tool of vengeance for Satan...

Due to the vague history of Gog and Magog and all what surrounds their legend, we at paradetect.com sought to initiate a scientific expedition of facts finding in a unique attempt to separate facts from fictions once and for all, we simply want the truth and we urge related experts and scientists to join our quest and contribute to our endeavors for the truth.

There is quite a vast variance in telling their legend in accordance with what is told by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

However, there is one commonly founded definition of their evil and destructive influence upon earth.

Their Location: in tracing back their location we find similar confusion in all historical references relating to their where about; to Bible followers they may be anywhere north of the biblical land of Israel, for the Muslims there is no known consensus agreeing on their location, but, it is generally believed to be in the Himalayans region or its surroundings.

One fact extracted from historical references is the Iron Gate which was built by Zul Qarnain (probably Alexander the great), to isolate them and keep them separated from the rest of the world until due time when they will be unleashed upon nations from all corners of the earth. Indeed they are the enemy beyond that Iron Gate waiting for the promised time ready to pounce.

While Alexander the great was preoccupied conquering Asia, he reached the Caucasus Mountains where Prometheus the Titan was chained long before. Legends tell that the Macedonian Alexander learnt of Gog and Magog and their atrocity brought upon their neighbors, they came from beyond two great mountains named Ubera Aquilonias, the Breasts of the North. Alexander, calling upon the power of God, moved the mountains together and forged gates of iron and brass to seal the narrow way. These Caspian Gates were further strengthened with a magic metal called asiceton, which was fire proof, and steel; steel was shattered upon the asiceton, and instantaneously quenched when touched by fire. Then, Alexander erected a mighty wall spanning the entire Caucasus range isolating it from its neighboring south. This wall was later called the Caucasus Wall. It's foretold that it will stand solid till the end time when it will tumble causing the Iron Gate to open and the Gog and Magog to unleash and bring havoc downhill as they roll...

In fact there is a city called, the city of Alexandria situated in Uzbekistan neighboring Khojend, Tajikistan.

The site is in old Sogdiana, under the eaves of the Alai and Pamir mountain ranges, on an important trade route and at the mouth of the oasis valley of Fergana. And it is the furthermost spot reached by the armies of Alexander. But by the time Alexander founded Alexandria-the-furthest (which, incidentally, has been excavated by archeologists) he and his army marched up hill and downhill, through mountain ranges galore, across deserts and gorges and parts of Persia unmapped by man...

There is another claim, the city of Derbent in the Caucasus Mountains has laid claim for centuries to being the "real" Alexandria. Therefore, the mighty wall and the Iron Gate isolating Gog and Magog are presumably in the Caucasus...