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Domestic Animation Short of Directing the Crux of Less Marketing Talents Are the Key - Toys, Animati   by hi joiney

in Business    (submitted 2011-01-15)

6 24 by the china film group disney co operation with the u s live action animated film the secret of the magic gourd the beijing wangfujing campaign trail warrior investment more than 1000 million at the box office is only 5 million yuan summer ocean scene animation is still unjustified with the harry porter five the release this year 39 s summer movie files to a close classic animation paper money craze set off a comeback for summer this year the biggest feature file japanese animation film a dream the first week of box office in china reached 5 million yuan the total box office is currently 20 million yuan combination of animation live action transformers broke foundation relying on nostalgia 200 million yuan however the same file at the summer home made animated film looks a little embarrassed the shanghai animation film studio plant carried the tripod of the 50th anniversary of a warrior a cost of more than 1000 million currently only 500 million at the box office cooperation by the china film group and disney 39 s the secret of the magic gourd 2000 million at the box office so bad but the import of animated films accumulate than the speed he sent several great a length since 1999 lotus lantern short period of brilliance has not made a new animated film on the highlights not only low yield and at the box office is losing every ocean animation production company guo jie general manager of the other side of day that china does not look good animated film in which a very important point is that lack of creative talent no shortage of shortage of creative production china does not lack animation talent a large part of many of hollywood animation production processes are done in china we also are enthusiastic on china 39 s animation production companies to become more and more processing plants overseas animation and taiwan animation director shen peng some bitter guo jie also said tarzan in the original painting animation synthetic animation by the chinese workers are completed however the animation is a very small industry the division of labor required to produce sufficient talent and do not represent no shortage of creativity animators to complete only the technology a major animation or creative story and plot pixar could create a toy story finding nemo and other animated film because first base with a good story and then rely on technology to increase points but for creative writers and director of which is the soft underbelly of china made animated films lack of zhang yimou 39 s directing style china needs like zhang yimou animated film great directors like chen kaige joined to improve the overall standard of the industry with the high level of director and screenwriter made animated films can change the story of old fashioned simple plot of the status quo the creativity of chinese animated films absence of beijing branch of china animation association president of zhong qiu li that can learn from the ordinary movie directing effect in chinese traditional concept the animation is a pediatrician professor of beijing film academy animation section of good that is not well known director to join the ranks of animated films and national awareness of the animation errors are related in the united states in terms of investment or revenue perspective animation live action film than the film an edge in recent years the lion king shrek quot quot toy story quot quot finding nemo quot and other films are the big u s film box office history more impressive is the animated film created by the latter returns the value of products is sometimes more than than the movie hollywood directors have a large number of animated film director who is the classic cartoon quot the prince of egypt quot is the famous director steven spielberg excavated duan jia said quot nortel institute of specialized animation set animation play professional animation industry is to cultivate zhang yimou chen kaige quot lack of energy quot fudge quot and zhang weiping from quot hero quot to quot curse of the golden flower quot zhang yimou not less scolded but the film has repeatedly made the film to create a record this is why in addition to zhang yimou 39 s reputation the girder with the quot fudge quot is also essential the animated film is precisely the lack of domestic energy quot fudge quot person that is marketing personnel quot marketing survey the market first to know that our audience in the end what kind of movie quot zhong qiu li that quot warriors quot the main problem is not sensitive to the market did not provide marketable products the success of japanese animation films such as quot a dream quot and the accurate grasp of the market are not unrelated quot japanese animation films are generally adapted from the successful comics are a proven recognized products this is consistent with investment law quot addition to the early market research promotional marketing is also essential for later this is from quot the secret of the magic gourd quot and quot warriors quot and the comparison shows china film group spokesman weng although would not say quot of the magic gourd quot in the publicity release the total amount of capital invested but he admitted that indeed a higher number this release from the film before the omnipresent television movies outdoor advertising can be seen but they also invited chen peisi as the voice of the magic gourd chang yun concert with the theme song are extremely powerful marketing tool the quot warrior quot is almost not see any advertising and promotional activities showing how many viewers did not know after the late multi pushing and shanghai cinema even behind the harvest only 500 million good paragraph that the market is the key to development of domestic animation there is no market no capital operation everything is meaningless which would depend on mature producer quot they understand the market in depth study psychology of the audience and will look to an enlightened approach accurately select the script to creative director design and set up the team be possible to enter the positive working capital and leading market oriented quot