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Australian Cancer Cure Proved on Domestic Animals   by Laurance Murray

in Health / Cancer    (submitted 2011-03-29)

Australian Cancer Cure Proved on Domestic Animals

QBiotics cancer drug EBC46 derived from the Australian Rain Forest has had successful trials on domestic animals. Altogether 200 dogs, 40 cats and 30 horses have been treated with amazing results. Most solid surface tumours treated started to break down within days and had often completely disappeared within weeks.

The drug appears to trigger inactive white blood cells into life to fight the cancer and restarts the bodies auto immune system which sends further large numbers of white cells to the site of the disease and aids in preventing new breakouts.

EBC46 is usually injected directly into the tumour and the single treatment is less than 5mg and even as small as 1mg. An ointment was made up and applied to a cats ear badly affected by a cancerous tumour and the result was just as effective as the injection. If children are later able to be treated with this drug I believe the ointment would be king.

Domestic animals have been treated for many different tumours, including breast cancer, prostate cancer and solid tumours on the head, neck, ears and legs. Even aged pets that would normally be too old and feeble to be anaesthetised and operated on were able to be saved from death without any major side effects.

Human trials of the drug will be started in the next few months and scientists are hopeful that the treatment will be just as effective in curing cancer of the breast, prostate and melanomas in our bodies. If the treatment is approved and successfully tested on the human body, without the awful side effects of chemotherapy and radiation what a great day that will be for us all.

QBiotics has been searching for an effective anti cancer drug since 2004 and was hopeful that the rain forest in Queensland would yield a winner. EBC 46 was found in the seeds of the blushwood tree on the Atherton Tablelands near Cairns in Far North Queensland. The plant has been grown successfully on a plantation in Queensland which fortunately was not effected by the floods. Plantations are expected to be established in Southern Queensland and Northern NSW to offset the risk of local problems of flood, fire and other hazards.

QBiotics is a private company majority owned by EcoBiotics. and is not listed on the Australian Stock Market. However last year EcoBiotics sold about 20% of their subsidiary to

private investors to raise about $10 million to finance the set up of the drug. Even if the human trials proved unsuccessful the veterinary side of the business should make the shareholders happy.

Although the Australian Market is fairly small, by the time the USA. UK and European markets are added a large income could be generated and dividends flow. If the company is not the subject of a takeover by one of the large Pharmaceuticals it would probably go public and appear on the ASX.

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